5 days
Turquie, 2017

Original music : Serkan Alkan Production : Su Film

Programmed by Caroline Châtelet

French, English

Arts Feminisms


How does one make a movie? Where to start? Are men better at technique? Why does my crew pay more attention to the cinematographer? Working with two female directors on the set? Hell no! Is my assistant spreading rumors that I’m not a good director? Is working with your husband the hardest thing ever? Two recent film school graduates decide to give up their careers in academia to make a film that seeks for answers to these questions. In all their inexperience, the two women spend two years shooting, make 5000 kilometers, talk to established women directors and record every moment of this journey of discovery and self-discovery. But the real journey is just about to begin.

Tënk's opinion

“Onun Filmi” starts and ends in a car, reminding us that the young filmmakers travelled over 5,000kms to make this movie; the choice also alludes to the intellectual, emotional and professional journeys that “Onun Filmi” took them on. Setting off to meet female Turkish film directors (both documentary and drama) to ask them about how they began their careers behind the camera, Su Baloğlu and Merve Bozcu give us a glimpse of a professional domain that’s still rife with sexism. It all plays out in a bold metafilm (the “first” film being the two young women’s film) that, without ever evading the issue of the perpetual challenge to women’s legitimacy and credibility, also calls for a form of empowerment – in other words, a personal setting in motion.

Caroline Châtelet
Journalist and critic


Merve Bozcu

Merve Bozcu

Su Baloğlu

Su Baloğlu

After completing her B.A. in Naval Architecture at Istanbul Technical University, she started the M.A. program in Cinema at Kadir Has University and Documentary Photography training at Galata Photography Studio. In 2017, she completed her feature documentary called "Her First" about the challenges faced by women filmmakers in Turkey. Then, she worked as a co-director in Suvi Andrea Helminen's documentary project, "Connections - No One Is an Island" and recently completed her first fiction short, "Plastic Dream". She continues her work as a writer & director.