43 days
France, 2018

Original music : Frédéric Dorlin Oberland Production : L'Atelier documentaire

Programmed by Julia Pinget

French English, Italian



Iconic of unspoiled Mother Nature, forests are going through an unrivalled phase of industrialisation: heavy machinery, single-crop farming, fertiliser and pesticides, a loss of traditional expertise… Forest management has been fast-tracked into intensive farming. The Time of Forests is a journey into the heart of industrial forestry and its alternatives. Lush forest or green desert? Today’s choices will shape tomorrow’s landscape.

Tënk's opinion

The thousand and one screenings of "The Time of Forests" led to forestry groups, citizens’ projects and theatre performances. How many films can lay claim to having given birth to such a flurry of awareness?
Bringing together the places and the stories of those who work, maintain, grow, defend or commercialise forests, François-Xavier Drouet offers an impassioned and meticulous survey about our relationship with forests. Without trying to raise awareness or moralise, the film addresses a topic whose stakes are unfathomable, be they landscapes, resources, nature conservation or regeneration, etc. The film’s registers and ramifications are inexhaustible. An extremely intelligent movie about this endangered common good.

Julia Pinget


François-Xavier Drouet

François-Xavier Drouet

Born in 1980, François-Xavier Drouet studied political science and anthropology before taking a Master’s in documentary-making at Lussas. He works as a director for TV and cinema, and his films have been screened at several festivals in France and abroad. He lives and works on the Plateau de Millevaches, where scenes from “Le Temps des Forêts” were shot. He also co-directed “Gangster Project” (2011) and “Gangster Backstage” (2013) with the South African director Téboho Edkins.