46 days
Belgium, 2020

Production : INSAS - Bruxelles

Programmed by Jérémie Jorrand


Olivier is a hypochondriac pharmacist who regularly consults his fellow doctors. Unable to answer the recurring question about his own family medical history, he decides to investigate his biological roots. Obsessed with his research and worried about the answers he finally finds out, he forgets what matters most...

Tënk's opinion

Here is a film that is an incitation to gratitude. And we can start by thanking the daughter who produces it, as we can the father, the mother, the brother, because we feel like we are actually meeting them, because they move us, and they are portrayed with such tact and affection. And because they seem to take pleasure in participating, like a small troop that is party to the project, in trusting commitment. They offer something generous and sincere, that enables them not to show themselves at their best, without ever lacking propriety. It is funny, often, but not only: the film drifts from the almost burlesque figure of the hypochondriac to something more intimate, something far deeper. And then it becomes very moving: the final scene is heartrending and full of love, and that does wonders.

Jérémie Jorrand
Tënk's Editorial and programming Director


Mathilde Blanc

Mathilde Blanc

Mathilde Blanc studied cinematography from 2014 to 2019 in INSAS. During her studies, she worked as a cinematographer in various documentaries and fictitious films, always looking for the best visual approach on each project.