40 days
United-Kingdom, 2020

Original music : Filip Sijanec Production : Eleanor Mortimer
Best Short Film Award - Festival dei Popoli 2020

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A tropical fish shop in the East End of London, the last of what used to be many. Tiny, watery dramas inside fish tanks accompany the thoughts of local fish-keepers, while father and son Big Tel and Little Tel work to keep the shop alive.

Tënk's opinion

“Bubble” is aptly named – a little bubble of air in its fragile film, mirroring the lives of the people in this working-class neighbourhood in London; a bubble of joy that brightens up your life as your eyes soften in front of the glass of the aquarium, forgetting your everyday cares. Eleanor Mortimer offers us a distillation of life whose fleeting passing through these places offers us a portrait – not without humour – of its inhabitants, be they fish or human. It’s somewhat reminiscent of Alexandra Pianelli’s “Le Kiosque”, previously shown on Tënk, where the cramped space also makes it possible to capture the essence of the life going on around it. With its astute dramatisation and editing, it’s hard to say who’s watching who, or who’s going round in circles.

Julia Pinget


Eleanor Mortimer

Eleanor Mortimer

Eleanor Mortimer is a director from London and a member of the production company Glow in the Dark Films. While a student at the National Film & Television School, she made three shorts including “Territory”, which won Best Short at the Canadian festival Hot Dogs. It went on to be screened at a large number of festivals including Sundance and Cinéma du Réel. “Bubble” was presented in the International Competition at the Festival dei Popoli in 2020.