Netherlands, 2010

Programmed by Pascal Catheland


A quoi ressemblerait l'expérience d’entrer dans la vie d’un parfait inconnu ? "People I Could Have Been and Maybe Am" se construit autour de deux rencontres fortuites dans les rues de Londres : Sandrine, une belle jeune femme brésilienne venue pour trouver un mari, et Steve, un clochard tiraillé entre son addiction à la drogue sa petite amie poète.

Tënk's opinion

People I Could Have Been And Maybe Am was one of the very first films ever shot with a mobile phone. Far from being just a gratuitous stunt, Boris Gerrets’s technical approach turns the camera into a pocket tool giving him an unprecedented close-up on the world around him. The result is the complete documentary experience, intriguing in its original aesthetic and its highly undefined image, crawling with detail. Gerrets’s nocturnal encounters unfold as part of a powerful cinematic exercise.


Boris Gerrets

Boris Gerrets