313 days
Australia, 1991

Production : Arundel Productions

Programmed by Jean-Marie Barbe

French, English, Italian



“Black Harvest” is the third part of a trilogy about the Papuan Ganiga tribe in New Guinea. Joe Leahy, the owner of the coffee plantation where everyone works, is seen as “the ambassador of the modern world”… until the day the price of coffee crashes and so do wages. The old Ganiga system resurfaces, and tribal war breaks out.

Tënk's opinion

Robin Anderson is an anthropologist. Along with Bob Connolly, her life partner and co-filmmaker, she made three films over a decade, each covering the same territory. "Black Harvest" is the third work in this exceptional series, capturing an attempt to unite two worlds: Papuans on the one hand, with their values and rituals, and Joe on the other, the embodiment of globalisation, raised on the laws of business and market economy. We are left dumbfounded as we watch a project fall apart and war break out.

Jean-Marie Barbe
Producer, Editorial Coordinator of Tënk and Co-founder of the États Généraux du Film Documentaire de Lussas


Bob Connolly

Bob Connolly

Robin Anderson

Robin Anderson

Born in 1945 in Australia, director Bob Connelly explores the themes of cultural identity and colonialism. He first worked for the ABC channel, writing around thirty major features. He left the Australian channel in 1979 and founded his own company with his wife Robin Anderson to produce the films they co-directed in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. He has been awarded numerous prizes including the Grand Prix at the Cinéma du Réel for “Black Harvest”.