43 days
France, 2021

Original music : Etienne Haan Production : L'Atelier documentaire

Programmed by François Waledisch

Spanish French, English

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A tale about "silbo" (whistling in Spanish), the whistled language still practised on the island of La Gomera off the Canary Islands. The film unfolds starting with a poem by the contemporary Spanish poet Miguel Ángel Feria Vázquez, and his aspiration to "not think". An island where whistlings cross paths between the mountains and the skies, between trees and human beings.

Tënk's opinion

To savour this short film to the full, I’d advise viewers to watch it for the first time without subtitles and experience it as an invitation to wander. By replaying the film, this time you can really appreciate the presentation and variations of the poem you first heard. Sharpen your senses as you let yourself be borne aloft, landed and lifted up again to the sounds of a syllabary brought to life by the elemental dynamics of breath.

François Waledisch
Sound Engineer


Marine de Contes

Marine de Contes

Born in 1983, Marine de Contes is a film director and editor. After taking a degree in languages and a master’s in international relations, she continued her studies at the ECAM (Madrid’s Film and Television School). She now makes both documentaries and dramas and develops film and video installation projects that address ecological and social topics. De Contes is a member of the Académie des Beaux-Arts de France and was artist-in-residence at the Casa de Velazquez from 2019-2020 where she wrote "Silabario" and developed her feature project. Her earlier film "Les Proies", screened at festivals and art centres abroad, won the Prix Louis Marcorelles at the Cinéma du Reel in 2018 and a special mention at the Linea d’Ombra festival in Salerno.