46 days
France, 2015

Production : To Be Continued (TBC Prod), Mister Trouble Productions, Serpentine Holdings, Film Factory

Programmed by Jean-Marie Barbe

French, English
French, English

Music Portraits


Some people’s fates deserved to be known by everyone. Henry Padovani, this Young 24-year old Corsican, who arrived in London in December 1976, is one of them. Actor and witness of a period when the alternative and revolutionary trend, the punk movement, arose, this self-taught guitar player went through the 80’s like a meteorite falling from nowhere. From The Police he founded with Stewart Copeland in January 77, until his reunion on stage thirty years later in front of 80,000 people, from The Clash to the Sex Pistols, from The Who to The Pretenders, from REM he signed up to Zucchero whom he manages, with everyone, Henry shared a little bit of their music and a lot of their lives. Going back to his London memories, camera in hand, in a move guided by a series of improvised sequences, of interviews of some of these Rock’n’roll heroes, and of those who were there, this is the story of an extraordinary man, faithful to his drive for freedom and spontaneity.

Tënk's opinion

This film is among the documentaries that can target a larger audience and offer access to a larger number of spectators to the extremely rich scope offered by documentary cinema. Moreover, it does not don the characteristics of art house cinema: its format is rather more banal, based on a hagiographic account of the life of a budding rock musician. But, in this case, the ordinary becomes the legend.
Through his passion, the young Corsican musician finds himself, thanks to his intuition, in the right place at the right time - in London in the 1970s - 1980s. The film tells the story of the encounter between the wild and rather offbeat desires of a musician and the conditions in which such desires can be realised. In fact, it is the portrait of a disconnected community which, through its vitality, asserts itself whilst generating an incredible musical movement. This film, alternating in perpetual movement shoulder-held shots and musical or personal archives, is imbued with generosity. For the spectator, it offers an opportunity to delve into a small and free community made of passion and determination. A must-see film to alleviate moroseness.

Jean-Marie Barbe
Producer, Editorial Coordinator of Tënk and Co-founder of the États Généraux du Film Documentaire de Lussas


Lionel Guedj

Lionel Guedj

Stéphane Bébert

Stéphane Bébert

Born in 1974, Lionel Guedj studied history and philosophy and is a self-taught filmmaker. In 2000, Guedj joined Corbis/Sygma press agency and was put in charge of their music department. He serendipitously began to direct films and after a request from legendary producer Ibrahima Sylla, went to Mali to direct "Mandekalou, words of memory" which pays tribute to the African praise-singing tradition. In 2003, he joins the Silhouette short films festival managing team, a unique outdoor short films festival in Paris. In 2010, his feature documentary "Rock’n’roll… Of Corse!" premieres at the Festival de Cannes as part of the Official Selection/Out of competition. Since then he is both producing and directing and in 2012, Lionel takes over TBC productions and turns the company into an independent collective production house composed of experienced and junior producers with their respective fields of expertise.