46 days
Austria, 2020

Production : European Film Conspiracy Association

Programmed by Aurélien Marsais

German, Swiss German
French, English



A small town in Switzerland... Davos, in the canton of Graubünden, has an official population of just 11,000. But that number swells hugely each January when the Alpine resort, setting of Thomas Mann’s “The Magic Mountain”, hosts the World Economic Forum. A meeting of the political and financial elite which has taken place annually since 1971, the Forum puts firmly Davos on the global map for four hectic days. But what about the other 361?

Tënk's opinion

The World Economic Forum won’t be happening! Or at least not before the summer… So, we can but delight in this opportunity to propose, on Tënk, this film by Julia Niemann and David Hoesl. Filmed in the small town of Les Grisons, their feature film offers us an open and acute observation of the village of Davos, as it prepares to welcome the ‘great names’ of our world, or at least the political, economic and financial deciders of world capitalism. Far from proposing a direct and scathing criticism of the encounter, it seeks, first and foremost, to remind us that Davos is also home to individuals who, day after day, live their lives as best they can amidst the ways of the world… Breeders, social workers, migrating people. For the filmmakers, the aim is to explore this area, and to expose it in a different manner than through the spectrum of the image of concern for social and environmental issues that the Forum tries to endow itself with one week a year.




Aurélien Marsais





Daniel Hoesl

Daniel Hoesl

Julia Niemann

Julia Niemann

Daniel Hoesl was born in 1982 in St. Pölten, Austria. He lives in Vienna, and studied in Salzburg and Prague. He is a director and producer, known for "Davos" (2020), "Soldate Jeannette" (2013) and "WiNWiN" (2016). His films have been shown at festivals on all continents and have been distributed to cinemas and TV in many territories. His themes oscillate around the value as well as the price of money.