Tours & Detours

Tours & Detours

Places a long way away from received ideas

In his “Dictionary of Received Ideas”, published in 1911 and heavy with irony, Gustave Flaubert’s entry for “Journey” read as follows: “Must be made quickly”. Our “Tours & Detours” also thwart any demands for efficiency and high yields. While they involve travel and set in motion the discovery of other places, these peregrinations differ in each film selected. Through them, a possible vision of a country emerges – fragmentary, of course, but always offering a close-up of the issues at stake.

Current tours & detours...

The past tours & detours

Find also the archives of the events released from our programming. Some films are still available! Indeed, as part of your subscription and for 2 extra euros per documentary, you can see or watch again some films broadcasted on Tënk.