313 days
France, 2015

Production : Bathysphere productions

Programmed by Éva Tourrent




It starts out like a fairy tale: there's a queen, a king and their beautiful children, Pauline, Anaïs and Guillaume. But it's a bit more complicated and a little more funky than that. The king wears high heels, the queen's trying to make up for lost time and their heirs are beginning to rebel. It's all gone haywire. Pauline makes her getaway.

Tënk's opinion

Highs and lows, rows and endless breakups… Nothing’s ever simple in Pauline’s family, everything’s always excessive. The director follows her half-sister (and thus her own family) between the ages of fifteen and seventeen. The result is an immersive film in a baroque and explosive tribe where the “children” are not necessarily the ones we imagine them to be. Like in all fairy tales, traits are deliberately exaggerated and risk becoming disturbing. But although there might sometimes be a sense of unease between the bursts of laughter, Pauline’s quest carries us off like wildfire. The teenage angst, torn between leaving or staying in the family cocoon, speaks to us of the problems of growing up, loving ourselves and, ultimately, is the story of a lot of families.

Éva Tourrent
Tënk artistic director


Émilie Brisavoine

Émilie Brisavoine

Émilie Brisavoine grew up under a high-voltage pylon in the South of France. After her teenage years spent with insomnia and Stephen King novels, she set off for the capital to study Applied Art at the Ecole Duperré. After working as a designer, she began sketching the world, women and dogs. She featured in Justine Triet’s “La Bataille de Solférino” and Arthur Harari’s “Peine Perdue”. Her first feature, “Pauline s’arrache” ("Oh La La Pauline") was released in cinemas in December 2015.